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My Banker


By: Brian Nicklason

From the desk of Woodland Bank's President & CEO, Brian Nicklason

Woodland Bank recently leased some space to a wonderful woman who started an Antique Marketplace.  She gifted me a very old poem called “My Banker” by Eugene Manlove Rhodes.  It starts out like this…

"WHO IS It, when I’m feeling blue Sends me a cheerful line or two, To say my note is overdue?  My Banker.

Who is it when my notes fall due, when coin is scarce and friends are few, Who says, Oh yes, you can renew?  My Banker.

When times are hard and days are black, When care sits heavy on my back, Who is it furnishes the jack?  My Banker.”

I suppose you get my point and it goes on with a few more wonderful sentiments about “The Banker.”  I share this with you today because April is Community Banking Month.  Are these words that were written many years ago still relevant today?  That is something I ask myself all of the time.  It is easy in these fast paced times to expect non-caring attitudes and lousy service because it happens quite frequently.  But are the good ole days long gone and replaced by apathy and a search for the all mighty dollar?    I certainly hope not and I still believe that many of these same sentiments can be found at many Community Banks throughout the Country.   I also wonder what was so good about the “Old Days.”  Today, you can check your balance, move money and make deposits with a click of the phone.  Today’s consumer never really needs to come to a physical office unless they want to open an account or get a loan. 

I do like the conveniences of current life but I also want to be treated with respect and honesty in a confidential manner.  That should be your expectation.  We started an internal initiative called “The Woodland Way” which focuses our actions and policies directly at the customer.  I don’t know if we can ever measure ourselves as the best but we sure should continually strive to be the best and be a strong resource and partner for our customers.   

As long as I am at the helm we will commit ourselves to being that Bank that remembers the lessons and culture of a time long past while continuing to invest in resources that meets the current needs of today’s evolving consumer. 

It is my hope that you still look fondly at your banker as a trusted advisor, confidant and friend.  Some things should never change.

All The Best!