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In their words...

I wish I would have been with Woodland Bank for my whole life. They are a great bank, very friendly, and very easy to work with… they listen to you and they are willing to think outside the box.
- Craig M., Business Owner

I presented my business plan to Kurt. Within 24 hours he called me and said that they were going to give me the opportunity to go ahead with my dream.
- Craig M., Business Owner

Kurt was more than happy to listen to my ideas. He’s helped me with problems I’ve had with financing. Without small banks like Woodland Bank it would definitely be a different experience.
- Craig P., Business Owner

Kurt is fantastic. Kurt doesn’t sugar coat anything for you, but he tells you, this is going to happen or it’s not going to happen and these are the steps you need to do to make it happen. I would absolutely recommend Woodland Bank because they give you the personal attention that I think most people desire. They go above and beyond. - 
- Nicole T., Business Owner

Kurt gave me some words of wisdom when we started, “If you can’t make a profit, don’t do it.
- Wayne S., Business Owner

I kind of shopped around at the different banks in town, and I really liked Chris. He’s very efficient. He always got back to me right away. Chris was definitely the reason we chose Woodland Bank. He goes above and beyond of what he really needs to do.
- Lori Y., Nurse

When I called Chris Henrichsen, and dealt solely with him, I tell ya, he changed my life. It was one of those things where I felt now I can actually stay here. And this is my home. Some of the other local banks I would leave messages for and I would never get a response. But with Chris, he always got back to me.
- Steve P., Grand Rapids Native

I dealt with Dave Wangen. We were able to pay the contractors when they needed their funds. I’m still pinching myself that it was over in the time allotted. I asked for the money, and I had it. It was just snap, snap, and it was all taken care of.
- Wayne S., Loan Customer

With Woodland Bank you actually feel like they care about you as a person.
- Jenel S., Woodland Bank customer for 16 years

Any time you can make money just by doing the things you normally do, and by using your debit card… that’s kind of a no brainer to me!
- Nicole T., Woodland Bank Kasasa® customer