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Check Printing Fee depends on style of check order
Coin Counting (non customer) 5%
Money Order $2.00 each
Cashier's Checks $5.00 each
Copy of Checks
(2 free per month)
$1.00 each additional check
Replace Lost Debit Card $7.00
Dormant Account Fee (Account is dormant, if for two years (savings or checking account) you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account) $5.00 per month
Overdraft Charge (fee applies to overdrafts created by any debit including check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, transfers, other electronic means, etc) $30.79
Continuing Overdraft Fee $6.00 per day after 3rd business day of continued overdrawn account
Account Research $30.00 per hour ($10.00 minimum, $5.00 copy
Stop Payments
(all items)
Photocopies $0.25
Wire Transfers (domestic)

$15.00 Incoming

$20.00 Outgoing

Check Cashing
(not on us/non customer)

Return Item Charge

$30.79 (Items may be presented multiple times if funds are not available. You will be charged each time the item is presented)

(incoming or outgoing)
$2.00 first page, $1.50 each additional
Check Collection 10% of check or $10.00, whichever is less
Automatic Transfer $5.00
Amortization Schedule $5.00
Canadian Check Cashing $5.00 per check
Notary Fee
(non customer)
$5.00 per document
Telephone Transfer $5.00
Mobile Check Deposit $1.00 per check deposited
Check Free Bill Pay Rush Delivery $14.95 each
BOLT$ P2P $1.00 per transaction
Safe Deposit Boxes price varies on size
Lost Key $50.00
Drill Charge $250.00
Undeliverable Statement Charge $5.00

Deposit Item Return Fee (Business accounts only) $5.00