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Welcome to Woodland Bank's blog, the Woodland Word. We hope you check back often and enjoy the content that we provide you! We also hope you are having a great start to your New Year!

Here at Woodland Bank, our working environment revolves around our MISSION statement. Our MISSION is to provide guidance and long-lasting financial opportunities to the citizens, communities and organizations in the Itasca County area. We also have a VISION to be known throughout the Itasca Area as a trusted partner that is well respected and responsive to assisting our customers with their financial needs. We also commit ourselves to several  values.

We hope that by having this blog, we provide you with yet another way to inform you with financial information, but to also provide a fun platform to share stories from real people here at Woodland Bank. Have fun reading!

My Banker

From the desk of Woodland Bank's President & CEO, Brian Nicklason

By: Brian Nicklason

Published: 08/27/2015

From the desk of Woodland Bank's President & CEO, Brian Nicklason

Internet Banking

Making your life just that much easier!

By: Alicia Bauman, Woodland Bank Loan Processor

Published: 08/27/2015

Do you have internet banking? Are you not exactly sure how to use it? Or are you thinking of signing up? Don?t let these obstacles stop you from having your account accessibility easily at your fingertips.